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Lost in Space (Film)
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Lost in Space is a 1998 United States science fiction film starring William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc, Gary Oldman, Jack Johnson, and Lacey Chabert. The film was shot in London and Shepperton, and produced by New Line Cinema. The plot is adapted from the 1965 1968 CBS television series Lost In Space. The film focuses on the voyage undertaken by the Robinson family to construct a hypergate on a habitable planet in a new star system, where the residents of the soon-to-be uninhabitable Earth will be evacuated to. A terrorist attack causes the ship to go off course, and the family becomes lost in space. Lost in Space was the first new film of 1998 to open in first place at the box office, due to the continued success of James Cameron's film Titanic. Audience reaction was mixed, and box office results were insufficient to justify a planned sequel. Several of the actors from the TV show appeared in the film. June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson) appeared as Will's school principal "Cartwright" in a hologram. Mark Goddard (Major West) appeared as Major West's commanding officer.

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