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Musings of an Iceman
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Musings of an Iceman Beautiful poetry for the heart. My grandfather, Albert Leroy Ewing was born on September 2, 1881 in Monica, Illinois. In 1889, at the age of eight Albert took the long journey across the country with his family to the small lumber town of Newport, on the Oregon coast. After growing up there and graduating from Toledo High School in 1899, he decided to find his way in the world. Working his way up the Oregon and Washington coasts, he eventually reached Seattle in 1902. In Seattle he met Anna May Stith who arrived there about the same time from Carthage, Missouri. They became known to all their friends and extended family as 'Bert' and 'Tot'. Albert and Anna were a match made in heaven, and were married on November 14, 1906. Nine months to the day later, August 14, 1907, my mother, Marion Amsale Ewing was born. That occasion may have marked the beginning of his poetry writing when he composed 'To Marion'. He composed a poem for each of his five children; Marion, Kathleen, Albert Kenneth, Fred, and Marks, but the only other poem to them that survived the years is 'To Albert Kenneth'. Albert began his career in 1903 with the Seattle Ice Delivery Company. Hence comes the title of this collection, 'Musings of an Ice Man'. He eventually became office manager and assistant treasurer, retiring in 1949. Before he passed away on July 18,1951, he composed well in excess of 200 poems, almost all of which were typed on scraps of paper he would put into his old manual type writer. There is no doubt many of those scraps of paper have been lost over time. From those my mother lovingly saved has come this book. Albert was well known in the Northwest as an expert in the growing of succulents or cacti. He was president of the Seattle Cactus Society. There were times as a small boy I would join him in his greenhouse and watch him work. I remember his house filled with photographers waiting to capture on film his night blooming cactus, which bloomed only once a year. The occasion was chronicled each year in the Seattle newspapers. You will realize as you read Albert's poems, his devotion for his beloved wife Anna, and his love for the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, as he wrote about both of them often. Please keep in mind these poems were written from the early 1900's to the 1940's, when times and customs were much different. But many of them are still relevant today. I'm sure you will find some of these poems that will touch your heart...others that will tickle your funny bone. Enjoy them as I have. -Peter R. Cameron

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